Jesse Alford Photography

"I have been doing more and more photography work. Now I just can't get enough of it, it's like a drug... but a much more safe and healthy addiction; and the side effects are not as severe." words from Jesse himself. He has had countless shoots with many models, artist & even with young blood magazine. He has an edgy style & is a true artist. want to shoot with him check out his page,


Photographer Jarad Trump no relation to old man Donald Trump is a new but very experience photographer. You can always catch him with a camera in his had. With more of an urban feel to his pictures he is branching out and discovering other styles. Check his stuff out or even contact him and schedule a shoot.

Venezia Photography

Venezia has been a photographer for 4 1/2 years. She is based in modesto, California. She has worked with bands like my jeremiah, 3 dead in washington, and  return from exile. She has also photographed for local clothing lines like Visual Ink & frankendoll Co. Look out for this girl she has talent & drive. She is very creative & is a true artist. Check out her site:

Dustin Moon

 All Clear Photography, Dustin, is back in Cali and ready to start shooting. He is interested in Action, Architecture, Documentary, Event, Print and more. Just trying to shoot more and more to build on his experience. Check him out or contact him on his page at